A selection of augmented reality works 2016-2019. 

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Tentacle Tongue, 2019

AR work

Tentacle Tongue (2019) is one section of Tuomas A. Laitinen’s research on more-than-human minds. Cephalopods are the  conductors, and through this class of species, Laitinen examines questions of biodiversity and radical difference. The work consists of posters that the viewers can activate with an Augmented Reality (AR) app, on their mobile devices. This act of scanning will unfold as an intimate audiovisual work that dives into imaging technologies and the production of knowledge in the age of hyper-capitalism and climate crises.

Tentacle Tongue was commissioned by Screen City Biennial and premiered during the upcoming edition Ecologies - lost, found and continued.


Thermoscene, 2017

AR work with installation structure

The modular work Thermoscene is revolving around the concepts of shelter, microbial mutations, energy, and heat. The centrepiece of the installation is a growing tent, from which materials sprout out into the gallery space. Inside the tent, there is an AR-application made for Hololens. With the hardware, the viewer could experience enlargements of microbes, viruses, and bacteria around them.

Thermoscene was exhibited  in the Finnish institute in Berlin, and Sinne Gallery 

in Helsinki, 2017.

Thermoscene documentation recorded from the Hololens app.

pr0b.es, 2016

An augmented reality work. Scan the images with Arilyn app.

Originally commissioned by the Bucharest Biennale 8, 2016.

Curated by Niels Van Tomme

pr0b.es is a series of augmented reality works  that inquire  the circulation of bodies, and the means of control applied for this movement. The augmented reality application operates so that the mobile device can be seen as a fictional scanner, revealing layered systems of imaging and knowledge production on its trajectory.